Frost machine a finalist

By Country News on December 09, 2015

A small company based in Tocumwal has introduced sophisticated frost analysis technology from the United States, for use in vineyards and orchards, into the Australian market.

Hendy Solutions, an Australian importer of frost protection equipment servicing the liquid process filtration application needs of NSW and Victorian companies, has been recognised by the Wine Industry Supplier Association at the 9th annual WISA Supplier of the Year Award.

Hendy Solutions was established about three years ago and partnered with American company Shur Farms in April 2014 to distribute Cold Air Drain — the technology that positioned the company as a finalist in two of the three categories at the WISA Awards including Innovation Award and the Environment and Sustainability Award.

‘‘For a small company just starting out in the wine and agriculture sector in general, this is quite an achievement,’’ business owner Rob Hendy said.

Shur Farms, owned and operated in California by Steve Hammersmith, has more than 20 years’ experience in frost protection science and cold air removal technology.

As a leader in frost protection science and micro-climate manipulation, Shur Farms uses innovative technology to enable higher frost protection values at lower costs than traditional methods.

Shur Farms’ frost protection has also furthered the understanding of the root causes of frost and how frost develops in a vineyard or orchard.

Mr Hendy said the Cold Air Drain technology can manipulate, control and manage cold air flows within the growing area in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Unlike wind machines and sprinklers, he said the Cold Air Drain could run all night without causing damage during a winter freeze or changing weather conditions.

‘‘It’s fairly unique in that it handles frost slightly differently ... it can handle all frost situations on its own.’’

Mr Hendy said Hendy Solutions offered all customers a comprehensive frost analysis, a vital component of frost protection.

So far, Hendy Solutions has successfully placed the Cold Air Drain machines in several Australian orchards, vineyards and nurseries including in Healesville and Ararat.

The WISA awards recognise excellence in supply and manufacturing within the Australian grape and wine industry and acknowledges companies that endeavour to provide world-class technical and practical support to grape growers and wine producers.

By Country News on December 09, 2015

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